Learning to dance is fun and easy here at Studio 665. We offer group classes and private instruction for all ability levels, ages, and budgets.

Dance & Fitness

With 11 different group classes to choose from each week, Studio 665 is your one-stop shop for dance, fitness, and day to day well-being! You do not need to bring a partner for any of these classes. Take a look at our brand new selection of classes, and check out what the Lifestyle Membership is all about! For new students, the first class is on us!


Social Dancing

Social dancing is one of life’s greatest pleasures: Studio 665 is here to help you learn how!  Whether you’re preparing for a specific event (such as a friend’s wedding), reconnect with a loved one, or simply want to dance to music on the radio, social ballroom dance lessons will give you the skills you need to dance confidently with anyone.


Competitive Dancing

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned competitor, Studio 665 will help you gain the technical, artistic, and performance skills you need to stand out on the competitive floor.


Wedding Preparation

Your first dance is your Cinderella-Prince Charming moment: Let Studio 665 make this dance into something special; something truly unique to you and your fiancé. Make it a moment you and your guests will remember for years to come!


Live Performance

Get ready to dazzle your guests with a superb live ballroom dance performance! Studio 665’s staff is made up of champion ballroom dancers who are ready to entertain you and your guests.