Group Classes

Studio 665 Group Classes are a fun, social, and affordable way to learn to ballroom dance!

Studio 665 Group Classes are a fun, social, and affordable way to learn to ballroom dance!  They offer the perfect opportunity to try a new dance, discover new moves, or brush up on your technique. We have classes for all skill levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. With offerings every night of the work week, there’s a class for everyone’s schedule! These 45-minute classes will teach you how to execute classic ballroom figures with style, while offering you the opportunity to practice to great music. No partner is necessary for any of the classes – our instructors make sure that no one is left out of the dance rotation.


  • Series Classes

    A Series Class is a set of four group classes on one dance, such as Cha Cha.  Classes meet once a week for four weeks.  They are taught progressively: what you learn the first week helps you to learn the moves the second week. You will practice the featured moves and techniques over and over until they become muscle memory. The following month, you and your instructor may choose to have you move on to the next level of the class!  Registration is required for Series Classes. Additional discounts are available for those that pay in advance!

  • Drop-in Classes

    A Drop-in Class is a one-off class on one dance, such as Tango. Classes meet once, making them easy to fit into a busy or inconsistent schedule–no advance registration necessary!  Drop-in classes are taught in all levels.  Intermediate level dancers are encouraged to attend beginner classes to practice their technique.




Studio 665 makes it easy to purchase group classes on any budget.  Choose between buying the lessons individually, get 15% off when you invest in a 10-class punch card! Contact us to learn more.

Taking private lessons?  Group Classes are the place to practice what you’ve been learning!