studio665.com is the globe’s only company that invested years as well as countless bucks to design the finest, most highly advanced, changed cigarette on the planet, exclusively readily available right here. New vape mods, 160 e juices with thousands of flavor combos, and also vape starter packages created for cigarette smokers.


Hi, people. I’m Scotty C Bailey, and I created studio665e after I discovered the miracle of e-cigarettes in 2008, and lastly started to smoke smarter. I have not smoked a complete analog cigarette given that October 2008, when the light bulb went off in my direction the 18th opening playing golf.
I understood after that and thereafter cigarette smoking for 40 years, 4 to 6 loads a day– that I was paying to eliminate myself. I was currently on meds for asthma as well as COPD. I had actually currently buried both my mom’s and dads from smoking cigarettes associated with cancer cells and emphysema. I still couldn’t stop. My partner’s a registered nurse with four degrees and she firmly insisted that I– and I wanted to– discover a means to give up. I attempted every little thing known to male, yet was so addicted that I could not do it. I was investing just under $30,000 a year (in between cigarettes as well as meds) to eliminate myself. That’s why I ended up being a man on a mission to duplicate cigarette smoking as well as get much more fulfillment with the best cigarette smoking choice. I am so obsessed that I invested four years overseas developing the world’s finest smoking cigarettes devices so that everybody that intends to smoke smarter can and will.


I always believe in choices, and also I understand that when I first used e-cigarettes they were absolutely nothing like cigarettes. I saw the possibility. The first product I found, and afterward re-engineered, was a really simple to make use of automated battery and also a prefilled cartridge. It replicated cigarette smoking so well I became the globe’s biggest online vendor first. I have thousands and also countless clients who love the kind factor and will certainly not move on to my most recent productions. I then developed the world’s ideal modified automated vape battery ( license pending), and also I was utilizing my initial prefilled cartridges. The trouble was, that while I loved the hit, I love to eat on my cigs and also stogies, so I invented my Smileomizer cartomizer, which is patent-pending. It has such features as a soft touch stainless-steel battery, a vertical coil atomizer, and my special clinical quality silicone pointer, so I do not harm my teeth.

The amusing point is it took me all of 4 years while developing all the various other products, to resolve the nonreusable e-cig problem. And currently, there are hundreds of V4L family, who solely use my disposable e-cigarettes, so, the choice is up to you. My preferred– being an ex- heavy chain smoker– is my Vapor Zeus vapor cigarette. if you wish to duplicate cigarette smoking, and also you are not a big smoker, you may be satisfied and pleased with our disposables or our Vapor Titans. I need my Zeus. My Zeus is my child.

I also think that my Vapor Zeus, along with my vapor e juice, expands lives. I have many fantastic consumers that have become my household. I have come to be a flavorist over the many years I have actually been dealing with ISO 2008-9001, SGS laboratories to produce the finest cigarette smoking juices worldwide. We have crafted the best tobacco, menthol, fruit, dessert, as well as drink e juice tastes that don’t simply taste terrific, they also recreate the experience of cigarette smoking. I make my juice for smokers, to ensure that the higher nicotine, the more throat hit, upper body hit, as well as genuine cigarette smoking satisfaction and satisfaction.

We are here on this trip with each other, to make sure that we can walk hand in hand and also supply you with support as well as understanding, so you can find yourself looking in the mirror as well as smiling.

Scotty C Bailey

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