AEGIS Boost: Modding Your Vaporizer

aegis boost

This article will be looking at the aegis boost, a vaporizer that is a personal favorite of many. Many people who have tried the Aegis Boost are raving about how well it has performed thus far. This vaporizer is a new addition to the market, but it isn’t meant to be an alternative to the original AEG. It works more like a hybrid between the original AEG and the vaporizer/refrigerator style of vaporizer. This review will look at the AEGIS Boost and why it is such a fan favorite among vaporizers.

The AEGIS Boost comes in two options. The first is the standard version, which features a stainless steel body, a triple bottom plate, a stainless steel cooling plate, and a battery clip. The second option is called the Geekvape AEGis Boost Deluxe. This unit has a black cooler plate, a larger triple plate, a larger battery, a backlit keypad, a larger battery, a larger cooling fan, a backlit screen, and a triple level temperature control.

I got my AEGis Boost from VandyVape because I am a big fan of the company. While the standard model with the stainless steel body is nice and all, I wanted something a bit more custom. The company also offers a variety of other products, including a vaporizer, a pocket vaporizer, a vaporizer cart, a replacement head for the jackaroo, a replacement tank, and a couple other items. All of these items are great, and they all perform well.

One thing about the AEGis Boost that I really like is the change in liquid style. Instead of using the old style of pre-filled pods, they offer a new line of glass jars with an open top. This allows for a much better flavor experience from their product. If you don’t have a glass jar, you can still get a decent flavor out of the unit. These new jars make a good option if you want the ability to customize your own experience.

The aegis boost comes with a pod system. The system works really well. I regularly use the pod system to swap out flavors. The new tanks allow you to do this as well. The new air pump adds a nice feature for when you’re vaporing.

The AEGis Boost comes with a nice little vapor box. I love it. It’s not too big, so it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. But it’s perfect for warming up your coil or for warming your mouth when you’re ready to draw your juice. The airflow control ring and jackaroo pod fit into the box well.

The aegis boost also features a mini aegis that makes it easy to use the aegis without worrying about changing out the actual coil. The aegis mod also makes it easy to mix your own juice. You simply take the battery out, insert your juice bottle, put the jackaroo pod kit and put in your air box. Voila! Your own personal tasty juice!

Overall, the aegis boost has a lot going for it. If you are in the market for a good digital multimeter, you will definitely want to consider this amazing vapor kit. If you want a top quality mod, this one comes in a close second. If you are a vaper that loves consistency in your liquids then this one should be considered.

The vaporizer is a two part system. It has an electric motor with a rechargeable coil and a sub-ohm tank that will allow the juice to stay in your mouth without making a mess. The electric motor heats up the coil and changes the resistance. This change is not constant though so it may vary from person to person. There is a setting on the vaporizer to adjust the resistance.

The jackaroo pod and sub ohm tank are designed to hold a specific amount of e-juice. The tank holds enough e-juice for your entire daily needs. The top notch design of the aegis boost allows you to take a precise amount of e-juice. In addition to the reservoir, there are two metal cups, one for the heated coils and one for the e-juice. These cups keep the juices cold while you enjoy your favorite blend.

Battery life is something many people are concerned about. The AEGis Boost mod has a maximum output power of 1800 watts. While most high-end devices run at least a little over this output power, this is not a concern for a vapourizer. The ability to go from a full load to a partially loaded state allows for battery life extensions. There is also a built in clock that will monitor your progress in between charges. You can have six or more hours of battery time between charges, so you will never be stranded without e-liquid.