ijoy vape – Vaporizer Review

ijoy vape

One of the newest vaporizers to hit the market is the ijoy Vapor Mates. The ijoy Vapor mates is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the many flavorful varieties found in the world of e-liquid. The great thing about these particular mods is that they are not only affordable, but they also pack a powerful punch. If you’re in the market for a quality mod like the ijoy Vapormate, here are some things you should know.

– You probably won’t find this much information on the ijoy Vapors product, but the ijoy Vapors 3000mah battery is pretty amazing. This mod features two tanks to cater to your needs. The tank holds the juice, which you will take on an electronic port located on the bottom. The second tank is used to power the ionizer, and when the juice runs out, the ionizer simply refills itself by recharging the battery.

– The built in atomizer lets you choose between three wattage options. Three wattage settings allow you to enjoy one hundred percent vapors. There is also a four watt option which will give you all the flavor you could possibly want with four hundred percent of nicotine strength. In addition, the ijoy VaporMate comes equipped with an ijoy vaporizer bag. The build quality of this bag is amazing, and it is easy to carry around.

– This unit also has a sub-ohm mod with four levels of intensity. It’s great for the people who don’t like to go low. The built in uppen plus coil is built to give you consistent heating with just the right amount of heat. A triple battery port allows you to charge your mod easily while you are enjoying the vaporizer or rolling it in your hand.

– The ijoy Vape Pen has a powerful lithium ion battery. The built in battery is durable enough for you to use for about two or three months without recharging. The built in uppener allows you to turn the wattage up to six watts, which gives you an intense laboring experience. The 3000mah battery will last you about an hour and a half, which are standard among high end vapes.

– If you love your e-juice, but would rather not go through the hassle of refilling it from a bottle, the ijoy Vape Pen can help you enjoy your e-juice in a convenient and easy to use package. The built in box mod allows you to turn your unit on and off with the touch of a button. You can also select between three and six wattage levels and set the vaporizer to turn off automatically at night. The built in 3000mah internal battery is also a nice feature to have, because the Vape Pen can last you over thirty minutes with a single charge.

– One of the best features of the ijoy Vape is its temperature control. The unit has a three degree temperature control that allows you to get a strong hit of vapor. The unit is powered by two high quality triple A batteries. This means that you get plenty of power and can turn the temperature up high if you need it.

– The ijoy Vape comes in a nice wood finish and a black leather design. It is easy to see why the ijoy Vape has become so popular since it comes with a unique temperature setting capability. The built in box mod allows you to change the wattage and turn your unit on and off with the touch of a button. It also has a shogun univ 180w mod which is a high quality Japanese made a mod that is easy to use and runs at a sensible price.