The AEGIS Boost Kit From Pax Labs – A Great Vaping Experience

The Aegis Boost is a new product from Vandy Vape that is a vaporizer with a new style. This is the Vaporizer Jackaroo. The Aegis Boost is a new favorite among many vapers. Many say it is the best vaporizer out there. Here are some thoughts on this newest product from Vandy Vape.

aegis boost


I believe one thing that makes the Vandy Vape aegis boost different than the others is its bottom plate. Many vaporizers have a plastic bottom plate, which makes the device very cheap. The jackaroo’s bottom plate is made of stainless steel. This makes for a much longer lasting battery life.


Another unique feature of the Aegis Boost is the fact that it works with any of the Vandy Vape juices. It also has a universal voltage source, so it will work with any mod or wattage. One thing about the Jackaroo mod is that it does not use the standard atomizer adapter. It instead uses a universal voltage adaptor.


One of the major selling points of the Aegis Boost is the fact that it has a side-fill method. This allows you to add more liquid into your vaporizer without changing your wick or replacing coils. It also has a side-fill system that makes adding juice much easier, because you do not need to pull the string that much.


This vaporizer works by having two metal coils inside of the body. One of the coils is coated in wax while the other is made of mesh. The mesh acts as a draining path for any excess moisture that may collect in the base of the coil. The idea is that by allowing the moisture to drain from underneath the decking material, you can increase the longevity of your batteries. This can be great for increasing your battery life if you frequently mix different kinds of juices in the Aegis Boost.


There are three adjustment buttons on the unit. They are located on the bottom of the unit. These adjustment buttons are where you will find the controls for the wattage, the temperature control, and the battery life. Each of these buttons holds a value for what they represent. If you need to increase the wattage on the AEGis Boost, you will find that the button closest to it will be able to increase the amount of watts available to you.


The last part of the AEGis Boost is the pod system. This is a little thing that looks like a stainless steel screw jack. It holds the coils for your AEGis Boost and also connects them with the stainless steel chain. The chain has a lot of small screws on it and the ability to loosen and tighten the screws allows you to easily change out the coils and get a more powerful experience from your AEGi.


If you are not familiar with the AEGIS Boost kit then you should know that the whole purpose of this little electronic vaporizer is to be able to make high quality and delicious e-juices. As such, it makes sense that the company responsible for making this wonderful little device has put their AEGIS Boost kit on the market with a kit that allows you to make some really great tasting e-juices. The kit comes with three separate chambers that each house one flavor of e-juice. Simply add the e-juice to the chamber you want to use and allow the AEGis Boost to do all of the work for you. When you are done, you simply replace the cover (which doubles as a battery door) and insert new batteries, charger and boot up your AEGi and you will instantly have yourself a tasty and powerful new personal vaporizer that can be used while you are puffing away in front of the mirror getting ready for work in the morning.