Wotofo Vaporizers – Why Choose Wotofo?

The Wotofo Waco Prova RDA, which is manufactured by Wotofo, is an extraordinary electronic device. It is not just a radio for communication; it can also be a vaporizer, a humidor and a water pitcher. The Wotofo Waco Prova RDA comes in two models, the Standard and the Deluxe. It is suitable for both men and women of any age group from sixteen years and above.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

The Wotofo Profile Ps dual Mesh RDA is easy to assemble on. It comes with bigger deck space and all those great features of the original Profile board but with the advantage of having side airflow system. This allows the user to have more choice in creating their own personal taste of the juice. To sum it all up, you now get stronger vapor, better taste delivery and warmer breathe.

Wotofo Waco Prova has a single chamber design, which allows it to use dual build technology. It uses a high quality quartz glass built into the body, which produces a steady heating over a period of seven hours. The dual build enables it to provide stable output in different wattage ranges. The dual build system is also very convenient since it can be used on any device and even be switched into an electronic vaporizer when it is not in use.

There are five main series builds for Wotofo. They are the Wotofo Parallel Build, Wotofo Ductless and Wotofo Dual Mesh RDA. You get all these amazing benefits in each series build. You get a great vapor trail, unbelievable flavor and a fantastic vapor experience. In fact, Wotofo has introduced a new model in the Parallel Build series; the Wotofo Parallel Build 2.

Wotofo’s parallel dual mesh design helps the user to produce amazing flavors. The Wotofo parallel dual mesh design uses two conductors with copper spring loaded terminals to create the heating core. This allows for the temperature to be adjusted quickly. The heating core has two copper tubes filled with 810 resins. The tubes are linked in a spiral pattern.

The Wotofo profile ps dual mesh rda uses a powerful triple coil configuration for producing unbelievable flavorful e juice. You will enjoy a great vapor and flavor with this amazing system. The Wotofo profile ps dual mesh area is available in a wide range of wattages. Wotofo offers different voltage options so that you can control your vapor production according to what your tastes are. The Wotofo profile ps dual mesh area is built with a heavy duty zinc plating, to give you many years of quality performance and dependability. Wotofo even offers a lifetime warranty on their high quality products.

When you purchase Wotofo, you are not only purchasing a great tasting e liquid but you are also purchasing Wotofo’s amazing quality. The Wotofo Profile on dual mesh coils uses a new manufacturing process to allow for maximum flavor and vapor production. The Wotofo Profile on dual mesh coils have been designed to match the electrical needs of any vaporizer. Because Wotofo utilizes the highest quality copper and stainless steel wire, it is safe and secure. Wotofo guarantees their products will withstand the extreme temperatures of any device while producing the safest and most flavorful of liquid available.

Wotofo offers many different types of vaporizers to fit your personal preferences. From the Wotofo aromatic series build to the Wotofo deep set interlocking reservoir you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. The Wotofo aromatic series build is recommended for people who prefer a more subtle taste in their liquids. If you like your vapor to be bold and flavorful then the Wotofo deep set interlocking reservoir is the Wotofo series build for you. In addition to being extremely affordable Wotofo also offers some of the best quality and a wide price range in the industry.